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How To Hide A Message In An iMessage Thread

The sticker apps for iMessages seem to keep coming. Every time a new movie title is released, a sticker app for iMessages appears to be part of the marketing for it. We’re not saying there is anything wrong with that. There’s a Moana sticker pack that we love and not just for the chicken featured in it. These apps are┬ámostly stickers with very few aimed at productivity. Hide Messages is yet another sticker app for iMessages that suggests an alternative use for stickers; use them to hide a message in an iMessage thread. The stickers in this app feature nothing but white blocks. You drag & drop them onto a message and it will obstruct the text for you, and everyone else in it.

Install Hide Messages from the link at the bottom. It will be enabled automatically once it is installed.

To use it, open the Messages app and tap the arrow button next to the text input box. This will reveal three additional buttons. Tap the one that looks like the App Store icon to open the iMessage app drawer. Tap┬áthe Hide Message button to go to the app’s dedicated drawer.

The drawer looks absolutely empty but it’s not. It has white rectangle box stickers that you can’t see because they match the background color. That’s the app being clever.

Tap and hold anywhere in the app drawer and the sticker will appear in a few seconds. Drag & drop it on to the bit of conversation you want to hide.

hide messages 1 hide messages 2

The stickers will hide the text for everyone in the thread however, if anyone figures out the text has been hidden using a sticker, they will likely be able to get around it. When you tap and hold a message that has been hidden with a sticker, the text under it can be read easily. While you can use the app to hide a message in an iMessage thread, there’s a way around it so this is a semi-secure way to do it. Mostly, it relies on people not figuring out what is happening.

Download Hide Messages From The App Store

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