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How To Hide The Notification Badge For A Stock App In iOS

I have a super secret email account that I share with no one; no services that I randomly sign up to, and even some of the ones that I use regularly don’t know that this email ID of mine exists. It’s very special and only services that are extremely important to me know about it as my recovery email. I have never before even configured the account on my phone, opting instead to sign in, and out on my desktop every time I needed to access it in an attempt to keep my self safe should I lose my device. That changed recently and I added this account to the Mail app on my iPhone and it came with a huge (read 25000+ unread emails) badge on the folder in which the Mail app resides. That badge obviously needed to go. iOS lets you choose which apps you want to enable badges for so I went straight to Settings>Mail and was very surprised I couldn’t find the option to remove the badge since that’s where I would look to remove a notification badge for any other app. It took a few minutes of searching but I was able to find the option for removing the notification badge for the Mail app.

Go to Settings>Notifications> Mail and that’s where you will find the ‘Badge App Icon’ option to disable.


I’ve always used the wonderful Gmail app before and without any complaint or need to remove the notification badge. For most apps, the setting to disable the badge icon can be found under Settings by tapping the app (left screenshot) but the same doesn’t hold true for the Mail app (right screenshot).

gmail_badge mail_settings

Why Apple decided to put the option for the Mail app in a different place is anyone’s guess but it’s consistent for all stock apps so if you want to disable the notification badge for other stock apps like the phone, messages, and reminders app, you will do so from the Notification preference in the Settings app. For third-party apps, you will find the option under Settings in the respective app’s preferences.

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