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How To Make A GIF From Photo Bursts And Live Photos On iOS

Photo bursts and live photos are great if everyone you know owns a Mac and/or an iOS device but outside Apple’s devices there are few tools that will let you view a live photo. Photo bursts are of little use outside of your phone and will at the most help you take the perfect selfie a little more easily. If you want to make better use of your photo bursts and live photos or just be able to share them, consider giving GIF Toaster a try. It’s a free iOS app that can turn photo bursts and live photos into GIFs, You can choose the size and speed of the GIF and save it to your computer via iTunes or your WiFi network.

Install GIF Toaster and launch it. Tap the top bar and select what kind of photo you want to convert to a GIF. It supports video to GIF, photo(s) to GIF, bursts to GIF, panoramas to GIF, and live photos to GIF. Next, select the photo and choose the size, speed, and range.

GIF Toaster GIF Toaster-burst

Conversion is super quick and you can play your new GIF inside the app. If you like what you’ve got, you have the option to open it in any other photo editing app of your choice, save it to the camera roll, or save it to your computer.

GIF Toaster offers two methods for saving the GIF to your computer; via iTunes which means you will need your data cable, and via the WiFi network which means you won’t need anything other than your computer and iPhone connected to the same network. The photo is downloaded via a desktop web browser where you will enter an IP address that the app gives you. GIF Toaster has a pro version that lets you save a larger GIF size.

Download GIF Toaster From The App Store

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