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How To ‘Save’ An Instagram Post From Your Feed

Instagram has slowly been adding Snapchat like features with past updates. It’s made a somewhat decent effort at mimicking these feature. For the most part, Instagram has focused on new features without making any improvements to how it works. The UI might have changed but the functionality is more or less the same as it was since the app was first released. In a recent update, Instagram has finally added a feature aimed at improving the user experience; a bookmark feature. Users can now save posts they like to their account. Here’s how it works.

ThisĀ feature was added in a recent update to the app but wasn’t visible to users until Instagram officially announced it. You won’t need to update the Instagram app on your phone to get this feature. It should just start showing up in our feed.

The Save feature adds a bookmark button at the bottom of every post in your feed. Tap it, and it will be saved to a dedicated drawer in your account. To view saved posts, go to your Profile tab. Tap the bookmark button at the top of your posts (just below your Instagram bio) to view all saved posts.

instagram-save instagram-saved

The photo itself isn’t imported to your account. When you tap a photo you’ve saved, you can view itĀ on the original account’s profile. This means if the profile decides to remove a photo, you will not be able to keep it.

The save feature is basic and it will likely turn into a cluttered mess sooner or later. Unlike the Save feature implemented by Facebook where the saved items are sorted by type, there is nothing to sort the posts you save. You can’t search your saved posts, not even by hashtag. The posts you save are not visible on your profile so if you’re using Instagram to look for gift ideas, rest assured no one can see the items you’ve bookmarked.

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