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How To Search For And Install Apps On The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch orders are in the process of being filled and for anyone who followed the development and the news following this new device, you know that it works with an iPhone and not without it. It is not meant to be a stand-alone product. The App Store for the Apple Watch has just gone live and lots of big name brands and apps have already made apps for it. Here’s how you install an app on the Apple Watch.

Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Don’t see it? Make sure you are running iOS 8.2 or above. The app will not appear in older iOS versions. Prior to today, if you opened this app you could see the promotional videos for the Apple Watch in the app or you would see options to pair it. You will now see an App Store tab as well. Tap it. Make sure you’ve paired your Apple Watch with your iPhone first and then tap the ‘Get’ button next to a listed app to download it.

Apple Watch_app Apple Watch_apps

Download will be slow so don’t worry. It’s going to both your phone and your watch. These apps will always add an app icon to your iPhone and it will mostly seem like you’re downloading an app to your iPhone (because you are). Once download is complete though, the app will appear on both your phone and your watch.

Apple Watch_app_install Apple Watch_app_available

At present, there is no search tab that you can use to search for apps in the Apple App Watch app itself. The best way to search for an app is to enter Apple Watch in the search tab in the App Store app on your iOS device and then get a list of all apps that have a companion app for the Apple Watch. Any time you come across an app that has a companion app (even if you aren’t specifically searching for Apple Watch apps),  there will be a little icon indicating that one is available.


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