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How To See Where Pokémon Are Spawning Near You In Real Time

The Pokémon Go mania isn’t dying out as some people predicted/hoped it would. Instead, people are developing tools to help educate players on how to maximize experience gained when evolving a Pokemon, tag locations where they found a particular Pokemon, chat with fellow players, and more. The game continues to expand to other countries, experience server issues, and encourage people to go outside. If you’re on the search for a rare Pokemon, it might help to know where other players caught it in your vicinity. Poké Radar does just. If instead of historic data though, you’re more interested in real-time data, then Poké Huntr and GeoPoke are apps you need to check out. They let you see all the Pokémon spawning around you without you having to leave your house or access the game. At present, the apps are under a significant amount of stress from so many people accessing them. If you find you’re unable to use Pokè Huntr, check their Facebook page for an update.

Visit Poké Huntr and enter your current location. The app relies on Google maps to find your location so enter it in the syntax it asks for i.e. suburb, city, country. Click Submit.

poke hunter

The map comes from Google Maps so it loads much faster than the Pokémon. Give it a few minutes to load and you can see which Pokémon are present around you. It’s up to you to go and catch them. The map also shows you all Poké stops and gyms nearby. It will even tell you which team controls a particular gym.

Poké Hunter map

As mentioned earlier, the app is under a lot of strain. Not only do they have a limited number of Google API queries, but they also have to deal with a large number of users accessing the app. Poké Huntr also relies on Niantic’s servers which aren’t in the best of health. All this coupled together means you won’t be able to access the app all the time. Try your luck though. The tool is, so far, one of a kind.

Visit Poké Huntr

If Poké Huntr isn’t working for you, several clones of it have popped up. GeoPoke is working quite well. You can see the Pokémon spawning in real time and you can also see how long it is before they disappear.


Visit GeoPoke

If you don’t want to rely on any of these tracking apps, you can always create your own This app has been discontinued.

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