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How To Skip The Egg Hatching Animation In Pokèmon Go

The first egg you hatch in Pokèmon Go will be a truly exciting point in the game for you. It’s a milestone that you hit pretty early on. The mystery as to which Pokèmon you will hatch is there as is the hope that you might hatch something rare, depending on the type of egg you’re hatching. My first egg hatch was a Magikarp and it helped me adjust to the disappointment that can come with hatching eggs. It’s annoying hatching an egg that gives you a useless Pokèmon but it’s even more annoying when you’re in the middle of catching a Pokèmon and the ‘Oh?’ screen comes up. Your egg might hatch but the Pokèmon you’re trying to catch might get away. Here’s how you can skip it if it pops up at an untimely moment.

Wait for the ‘Oh?’ screen to appear. You need to tap it in order for the hatching to begin or it just stays that way. The screen will appear regardless of how awesome a Pokèmon it is you’re trying to catch.

When it pops up, don’t tap it to begin the hatching. Instead, just pinch inward like you would to zoom out on the map when playing the game. This will dismiss the animation immediately and let you continue playing.

egg ready to hatch egg hatch OH

Dismissing the animation means you don’t know which Pokèmon hatched from the egg. To determine that, go to your list of caught Pokèmon and sort it by ‘recent’. Alternatively, look through the list and all Pokèmon with a light blue shadow are ones you’ve caught or hatched in the last 24 hours.

If you caught one too many Pokèmon in the last 24 hours and can’t tell which is the one that came from the egg, go to your Journal to filter see which ones you caught. The odd one will be the one that hatched. This trick only works to dismiss the egg hatching animation.

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