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How To Stop Whatsapp Sharing Data With Facebook

Facebook bought Whatsapp a few years ago. Facebook is known for changing, often revamping itself and anything and everything in its portfolio. Just take a look at the changes Instagram has gone through if you need an example. Uncharacteristically, Facebook left Whatsapps alone for the most part. Some new features were introduced but none that tied the app in as a Facebook-owned product. The change, inevitable as it was, has finally come. Whatsapp will now start sharing your data with Facebook to serve better ads. Before you hurry to uninstall the app though, you should know there’s a very simple way to disable this. The news that Whatsapp will be sharing data has been publicized so much, the fact you can opt out of it has more or less been lost. Here’s how to opt out.

Open Whatsapp and it will tell you it’s updated its terms of service and privacy policy. You can tap the ‘Agree’ button to agree to the new terms, or you can defer giving it your consent by tapping ‘Not Now’.  It might seem as though you have no choice in the matter and have to just agree to the new terms but that isn’t the case.

Tap the ‘Read more about key updates…’ section and you will be taken to the Terms and Privacy Policy screen. Here you can turn data sharing Off.

whatsapp-ads-agree whatsapp-ads-off

If you dismissed the prompt, you can still opt-out by going to Settings>Account and turning the ‘Share my account info’ option Off. The option doesn’t appear in the Account section if you’ve already opted out when you were first prompted so it’s likely that you can’t enable it in the future. It’s also perhaps a change that needs the next app version to be released so you can change it outside of the prompt. The good thing is, you’re not being forced to choose between using a chat app and keeping your conversations private.

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