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How To Turn On Night Mode In The Twitter App

Night mode is a feature in iOS that tints the screen a warmer  color so that it’s easier on the eyes at night. The point of the feature is to prevent your phone’s blinding blue/white screen from keeping you up. The warmer colors make it easier to go to sleep. While it’s great, it might not be the kind of night mode users want. Night mode for some users means a dedicated color theme that will make an app easier to look at when it is dark. The color theme is supposed to make browsing easier as opposed to help you sleep better. There are rumors that a ‘dark mode’ will be added to iOS 10 but Twitter isn’t going to wait around for that to happen, if indeed it does. As f a recent update, Twitter has added a Night Mode to its iOS app that tints the white UI a nice dark blue-grey making it easier to scroll through your feed in the wee hours of the night. Here’s how to enable it.

Make sure you’ve upgrade the Twitter app to version 6.60 and visit your profile tab. Tap the little gear icon next to your profile image, highlighted in the red box below. In the menu that opens, tap ‘Turn on night mode’.

twitter-settings twitter-night-mode

The UI will change on the fly. The screenshots below show what your timeline and an individual tweet will look like with night mode enabled. The night mode theme is pretty good; tweet text color is changed to white so that it’s easier to read on the new blue-grey background. Links remain a bright blue as do the UI buttons for composing a tweet, adding a new account to follow, and searching Twitter.

twitter-dark-mode-timeline twitter-night-mode-tweet

Accounts will need to be careful what profile images they use. A darker profile image might make a tweet easier to miss if a user has switched to the night mode. The night mode has not yet rolled out to Android.

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