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How To Unlock The Walking Dead Filter For Snapchat

Snapchat comes with some neat filters that you can apply to your photos. Some are simply color filters while others feature graphics for your current city, the current time, and even the current temperature. They are easily one of the more popular features of the app. The filters are often also a great way to promote things like important events or upcoming TV show premiers which is just what AMC has done. The Walking Dead Season 7 premier is just days away. To get viewers excited, AMC has released a special Snapchat filter just for fans of the show. It needs to be unlocked by taking a photo of a particular zombified ghost icon. Here’s how to get it.

Open Snapchat and point your camera towards the zombefied ghost in the image below. You can capture a photo of the ghost, or you can tap and hold on it.

You will see a pop-up asking if you want to unlock the special filter for one hour. Some users are getting 24 hours on the special filter but we can, at this time, only confirm one hour. The filter expires after that. You can scan the ghost again to get it back.

scan-twd-ghost filter-unlock-TWD

The filter is region restricted. If scanning the ghost results in the AMC website opening instead of the filter unlock message, it means it isn’t available in your region. That’s not to say you can’t get it. You can use a VPN, like TunnerlBear and change your location to the United States.

Once you’ve done that, simply point your camera at the ghost and tap and hold it, or snap a photo to get the filter.

filter-twd twd-filter

To use it, simply take a photo. Once you’ve taken the photo, start swiping left. The new filter will likely be the very last one in your filter drawer. Enjoy.


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