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How To Use AirDrop To Send Photos & Videos Between Two iPhones

AirDrop is an iOS and OS X feature for sending and receiving files. On supported devices the feature lets you send photos and videos between your phones and tablets, and all sorts of files between desktops. It also lets you stream music from your phone to your Mac, to AirDrop enabled speakers, or the Apple TV. So long as the sending and receiving devices are on the same WiFi network, you can send files without needing a cable or an app. Here’s how you can use AirDrop to send photos and videos between two iPhones.

AirDrop is supported on iPhone 4 and above. Swipe up on any screen to open the Control Center and tap ‘AirDrop’. You can turn the feature On for ‘Everyone’ which allows anyone on the same WiFi network to send you files, or you can turn it On for ‘Contacts Only’ which allows only your contacts to send you files.

airplay-on airplay-image

Once AirDrop is On, you can start sending files. To send a photo, go to the Photos app and open a photo. Tap the Share button at the bottom and you will see that AirDrop is turned on. If you see the AirDrop icon and it’s a bright blue but no contacts appear it means the feature is On and scanning for contacts nearby.

When it finds a nearby device that belongs to a contact, the contact shows up in the share options menu. Tap the contact to send the photo. The recipient will be notified that a photo is being sent by a contact and they must accept it for the photo to be sent.

airplay-send airplay-accept-image

Photos and videos are saved to the camera roll.


  1. Can you publish review on alternative file sharing app “Xender” which is compactable with iOS, Android & Windows Phone ?

    • super…xender is super…

      Humans make mistakes….it not the end of the world…

  2. This feature is called AirDrop and not Airplay. I cannot believe addictivetips published this. Even the screenshots used in the article say AirDrop.

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