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InFocus Pro: iOS Project Management Suite With A Sketch Pad For Notes

It’s always nice to see a feature-rich app, but when an app offers way too many unrelated features, people seldom like it. A successful app strikes a fine balance between being full of useful features while maintaining an acceptable level of understandability. You might be tempted to think that InFocus Pro tries to do too much, but all the features it offers are interconnected in one way or the other. Basically, InFocus Pro is a project management app incorporating task lists, notes, sketches and calendar appointments for each project. There might be other apps available for iOS that do the same things, but InFocus has the advantage of accepting handwritten entries for almost any field. It is also possible to make the app read your notes and lists out loud.

Despite the seemingly lackluster interface, InFocus Pro is a really comprehensive app, and you are likely to need the graphical instructions that are overlaid on all new icons and menus you explore. These instructions can be toggled using the info icon on the app’s home page.


InFocus Pro Splash InFocus Pro iOS Home InFocus Pro iOS Calendar

Calendar events can be created using both typed text and handwriting. You can also add a location to each appointment, but there is no way of accessing a map to pin a location, or even using a GPS to add your current location. InFocus Pro supports repeating events, which means you can make the appointments show up after every week, month or year. There is also the option of adding multiple alerts for a single appointment to help you start preparing for an event in advance. To specify an appointment’s details, you can add a Note to it. The appointments for a particular day can be viewed in a timeline on the calendar, or as a list.


InFocus Pro iOS Hand InFocus Pro iOS Color

Handwriting can be used in almost all areas of InFocus Pro. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t offer any character recognition capabilities and therefore, drawn text is not included in InFocus Pro’s universal search results. The sketching screen that shows up in every section has options for zooming in, changing color, erasing a part of the drawing, and panning on the current canvas. You can also mix colors manually to create new shades.


InFocus Pro iOS Project InFocus Pro iOS Note Properties InFocus Pro iOS Note

Projects in InFocus Pro can be considered as folders that contain a lot of different entities. You can make subfolders to further organize things within projects. Projects support multiple to-do lists, with the ability to manage all your task entries on the go by marking them as done or not done. In addition, you can add text notes, handwritten notes, pictures and sketches to each entry.


While the app simply calls this section ‘Notes’, these are more like notebooks that consist of different text notes, sticky notes, photos and drawings. There is no restriction on the length of a text note, and a new one can be added simply by hitting the arrow icon. Sticky notes and sketches are pretty similar, and offer the standard handwriting options that we have already discussed. When it comes to Pictures, you can load images from the camera roll, or shoot them right from within the app.

List & To-Do

InFocus Pro iOS List InFocus Pro iOS To Do InFocus Pro iOS To Do List

The ‘List’ section of InFocus Pro is quite reminiscent of the famous Clear app. You can add new items to a list by simply dragging it downwards. To add a new item between two existing entries, use the pinch gesture. The to-do lists comprise of start and due date, multiple alerts, percentage of completion (displayed next to each task graphically as well), and your priority rating for it. There are several predefined priority levels for all tasks, helping InFocus Pro with sorting your lists.

Users can add lists to any entry in the Calendar or To-Do section by hitting the wave-like icon in the bottom bar. All entities can be shared via email or saved to the camera roll as photos. InFocus Pro was previously $7.99, but has now gone free. You can grab this iPhone-optimized app from the following link.

Download InFocus Pro For iOS

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