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Inkflow: Quickly Scribble Ideas In High Quality, Rearrange Them With Ease [iOS]

Finger painting appears to be a popular app genre among iOS users these days. It’s not just “Draw Something”; there are also many other sketching apps that have managed to gather a sizable fan base. Most such apps come with a slew of colorful features, and that’s exactly what sets Inkflow apart from them. The newly released Inkflow doesn’t even have the option to change the pen color (in the free variant, at least), but it is still a good app thanks to the attention it pays to minor details like the smoothness of the ink, and extremely good responsiveness of the pen. The app can be used to write down lengthy notes quickly, or you can create monochromatic drawings using it. Inkflow comes with a pretty neat editor of its own, and you can select any portion of the page for resizing or moving to a new location in the document altogether.

Inkflow Editor

The albums within Inkflow are known as Books, and you can create as many as you like. Each Book consists of a maximum of 20 pages. There is an example book available in the app that gives you a general idea regarding the working of Inkflow. Using the app isn’t too complicated, and you just have to move your finger over a page to begin drawing or writing. Inkflow works in both portrait and landscape orientations, with the landscape mode revealing a few extra options. If you make a mistake, there is the undo button for that (only in landscape), and to create a new page, you have to get to the end of a book and then hit the forward button one more time. The Inkflow editor can be accessed via the app’s options screen or through the lasso button in landscape mode. This is by far the best feature of Inkflow, and using the edit tool, you can select any area of the current page, resize it individually or just move it to a new place on the page. Making changes to the selected area won’t affect the rest of the page.

Inkflow Zoom Inkflow Options

Your Inkflow creations can be shared with the world pretty easily, as the app’s option menu includes email and Twitter sharing features. It is also possible to save any particular page of an Inkflow Book to your device’s camera roll via the Save Snapshot button. Inkflow offers an awesome zooming feature, and using the usual two-fingered zooming gesture, you can enlarge the page. The app indicates the zoom level with a neat HUD.

If you upgrade to Inkflow Plus (through an in-app purchase of $4.99), the app will shower you with multiple brushes and colors, but the basic functionality remains the same. The biggest advantage of Inkflow is its editing tool, and the fact that the ink remains smooth and perfect no matter how much you zoom in. Inkflow is a universal app, but it can prove to be more useful on an iPad’s bigger screen. You can grab it for free by heading to the following link.

Download Inkflow

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