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InstaCC: Get Photography Challenges & View Instagram Images On A Calendar [iPhone]

If you like photo effects and filters, there are iOS apps that offer more variety than Instagram. If you like photo sharing, you are sure to find networks that have more reach than Instagram. However, if you combine both these features into one app, you begin to understand the reason behind Instagram’s popularity. People love Instagram due to its intuitive interface and the way photo sharing works in the app’s own network. Although the official Instagram app is pretty good, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for third-party clients of the service. Having iPhone apps like InstaCC provides Instagram fans with an alternative way of browsing through their photo feeds. Not only that, InstaCC also spices up things by providing users with different photo challenges to capture their imagination. At times, everyone is bound to run out of ideas about photos they should post over their network, and InstaCC will help you get over this mental block by suggesting topics for photos.

Of course, you don’t need a separate app account in order to use InstaCC, and signing in with your Instagram credentials is all that is required.

InstaCC Calendar InstaCC Album InstaCC Photo

Photo Viewing

In terms of photo viewing, InstaCC has the upper hand over Instagram in two ways. Rather than displaying all images in one screen, you can view them in a more normal and album-like fashion. Other than that, the app is perfect if you like keeping things in chronological order. The calendar view arranges your feeds all on the app’s own timeline, and you just have to tap a particular date to view all the photos posted back then. The calendar works for your own photos, as well as for those of people you follow. InstaCC can be used as a complete Instagram alternative, as you can post new photos, and won’t miss any of the other features available in the official iOS client for the service. You can add comments to photos, browse via hashtags and manage other aspects of your account. Another useful feature offered by InstaCC is preset tags. If there are a few tags that appear in your photos regularly, you can make them your preset tags and they will be automatically added to each photo before publishing it.

InstaCC Challenges InstaCC Challenge Schedule InstaCC Challenge Album


To keep you interested in Instagram, InstaCC comes up with a lot of photography challenges based on varying topics. You can participate in a few challenges for free, but others have to be unlocked via in-app purchases or by performing tasks like rating InstaCC on the App Store. Fortunately, the beginner challenges are enough to keep you busy for quite a while. Inside each challenge, there are tasks for each day. For example, if you are playing the Colors challenge, your first task will be to post a photo that has got something to do with the color blue. The app will even send you a reminder if you forget about the day’s challenge. The reminder can be configured in the Settings section of InstaCC. If you want to see featured images from other users participating in the same challenge, just go to the task’s dedicated album, and keep tapping the screen to load more images.

InstaCC is an app that has the potential to provide a much-needed spark to the Instagram life of most people. You can try this iPhone-optimized app for free by heading to the following link.

Download InstaCC for iOS

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