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Instagram Updated With New Camera, Effects & Infinite Profile Scrolling

Just a few hours ago, Twitter announced a new update for its mobile clients. The official Android and iOS apps of the service now boast some pretty decent photo filters, prompting a few people to predict the end of Instagram. Of course, this release came just a day after Twitter dropped support for inline display of Instagram images. As you would expect, Instagram has responded quite quickly. Both iOS and Android variants of the mobile photo sharing service have received an update, making them much smoother and more beautiful than before. Using the Instagram camera is quite a lot easier now, and there is even a new filter thrown into the mix. The profile view and welcome page have also been tweaked, allowing users to scroll through any grid infinitely. Foursquare support has been added, and there is a special button that can take you to any location’s Foursquare page for extra details.

Instagram iOS Infinite Grid Instagram iOS Album

Instagram photos now appear in an album of their own in iOS. Several other iOS apps create new albums in the stock Photos app, so it has always been a bit odd that an app as popular as Instagram stored images in the camera roll. When you come to the app itself, you will notice a new Welcome screen. Infinite scrolling seems to be the omnipresent theme of the update, as every area of the app that shows a grid of images now supports infinite scrolling. This includes your own profile, user pages and search results.

Instagram iOS Camera Instagram iOS Willow

Undoubtedly, the biggest change in Instagram has taken place inside the camera. Not only is the new interface quite simple, but the buttons are a lot more easily accessible than they previously were as well. After a photo has been snapped, you can enjoy the latest Instagram filter, which goes by the name of ‘Willow’. The improved tilt-shift effect can be controlled by choosing the third icon from the options row and then swiping across the image.

Instagram iOS Sharing Instagram iOS Foursquare

A Foursquare button is now available in the ‘Locations’ area and sharing menu. Tapping it opens the Foursquare app (or its mobile website if you don’t have the client installed), letting you see additional information regarding the location you came across.

Live filters – a feature that disappeared from Instagram a few months back – remains absent in this update. The Android and iOS updates are almost identical, and can be downloaded from the links provided below.

Download Instagram For iOS

Download Instagram For Android

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