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InstaLauncher Is A Gesture-Activated Alphabetized App Drawer For iPhone

We have seen many lock screen launchers for iOS (such as the recently covered BuddyLock), but not many offered the ability to invoke app shortcuts from areas other than the lock screen. One exception that readily comes to mind is Deck, which shows a sidebar on the Home screen containing several system toggles and app shortcuts. Having said that, it must be pointed out that Deck focuses more on settings than apps, which doesn’t make it a viable extension of the iOS dock or App Switcher tray. InstaLauncher, however, is a new tweak that’s just perfect for anyone looking for an alternative and quick way of accessing all the apps installed on an iPhone. If you have a lot of apps, some of them are bound to be forgotten with time, tucked away into different folders. With InstaLauncher, this is never likely to happen as the tweak presents your apps in an alphabetically-arranged list, making sure that any app can be reached within seconds. Those who have used an Android device will feel at home with it, as it acts somewhat similar to the App Drawer from Google’s OS.

InstaLauncher iOS Settings InstaLauncher iOS Layout

As is the case with most gesture-based tweak, InstaLauncher relies on Activator for its configuration. The tweak does have an entire menu of its own though, which includes a special section for assigning ‘Activation method’, so you don’t have to launch Activator separately. If you intend to use InstaLauncher everywhere in iOS, go for a gesture that works on the lock screen and inside full-screen apps.

By default, InstaLauncher shows all the app installed on your device, but if you want to make the list a bit clutter-free, it is possible to hide certain apps that you aren’t likely to use very frequently. This can be done by heading to the second section of the InstaLauncher menu.

InstaLauncher iOS Favorites InstaLauncher iOS List

Apart from a complete app list, the tweak also displays a grid (or list, depending upon your choice) of apps that have been recently launched via InstaLauncher, or have been manually added to the favorites by the user. Since most of the icons and buttons are pretty small in InstaLauncher, the tweak offers a visible cursor to guide users through the menu. If you don’t need it, simply turn it off from Settings.

InstaLauncher is a very useful tweak, and the way it organizes your app can really beat the Spotlight search or even SBSettings’ dock mode. If you’re intrigued and want to give the new tweak a go, head to the BigBoss repo and download it. The package costs $1.99, and is compatible with all iDevices running iOS 6 and above.

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