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Instamail Photo For iOS Lets You Attach As Many Photos As You Want To A Single Email

iOS is a pretty user-friendly mobile platform, and almost anyone can use it without having to be a geek. Having said that, this simplicity can, at times, cost the OS in terms of functionality. To keep things simple on the surface, there are areas of iOS that can become annoying for users due to their lack of certain capabilities. One such feature is the restriction on sharing photos via email. By default, iOS allows users to attach a maximum of 5 photos with a single email. Even if the photos are a few KBs in size, you will have to keep sending new mails to share more than 5. Instamail Photo is an app for iPhone and iPad that counters this issue by letting you attach as many photos as you want to emails. The mails will still be sent by the default mail client configured on your iPhone, but there will be no hindrance when you try to select more than five images to attach to the mail.

Instamail Photo iOS Instamail Photo iOS Select Instamail Photo iOS Mail

Instamail Photo does not make its users sign up for an app account, and doesn’t burden you with lengthy configurations when you launch it for the first time. The app uses the stock Mail app to send out emails, and that is why the size limitations of the email service still apply to your mails. This means that if you’re using Gmail, the total size of each email should remain inside 25 MB, with the difference being that Instamail Photo simply does not count the number of attachments. To send a mail, launch the app and hit the button in the middle of the screen. This will take you to the stock Photos app in your iPhone or iPad, and from there you can select as many images as you want.

Once you have selected all the required images, hit the Done button in the top-right corner of the screen, and wait for Instamail Photo to attach the files to a new mail. Once the mail shows up, simply enter the recipient’s email ID and hit Send. As soon as you do that, the app will send you a Mail Sent notification. Don’t be fooled though, as the real status of the mail can only be checked by heading to the stock Mail app in your iDevice.

Instamail Photo is a free, universal app and if you regularly find the need to share whole albums of photos from your iPhone, this app can certainly be of use. There is just one problem with the app, though. It renames all the photos sent through it to “instamailApp”. If you can live with that, grab the app by heading to the link below.

Download Instamail Photo For iOS

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