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iWidgets: Clock, Weather & Other Interactive Widgets For The iPhone Home Screen

If you are a fan of home screen widgets, Android is by far the most suitable platform for you. Having said that, it’s just not like iOS developers to give up without a fight, and over time, there have been some pretty good attempts at bringing widgets to the Springboards of jailbroken iDevices (the most popular being Dashboard X). The biggest hurdle in the way of such tweaks is the compatibility of widgets. iWidgets is yet another Cydia tweak that lets you pin interactive widgets to your jailbroken iPhone’s Springboard, but it has a slight edge over its competitors in that it deals with HTML widgets, making it easier for other developers to publish widgets that are compatible with iWidgets. To get you started, iWidgets comes with two widgets, the dashboard clock and calendar from Mac OS X.

iWidgets List iWidgets iOS Add Screen iWidgets iOS

Not only is the tweak rather unique in nature, it works in an unsual way, too. You won’t get a new menu for it in the Settings app, although it does have a menu where widgets have to be selected and configured. To bring up this iWidgets menu, just tap and hold over any empty area of your iPhone’s Springboard. This method of adding widgets seems to have been inspired from Android’s old home screen context menu.

By default, there are just two widgets available in the tweak; Analog Clock and Calendar. With the passage of time, as more developers release iWidgets widgets in the Cydia store, you will be able to beef up this selection menu, but for now, this is all iWidgets is offering. Tapping any widget’s name opens its User Interaction menu, letting you choose whether you want to use the widget as a cosmetic one, or if you want to actually be able to interact with it on your Springboard. Hit the Add button to exit the iWidgets menu and have the chosen widget appear on your Home screen.

If you pin widgets on a Springboard screen that has icons on it, the widget will be appear superimposed on the icons, thereby rendering them useless. We recommend that you use HomeSpringPage with iWidgets, since it adds a blank page to the Springboard where you can pin widgets conveniently. To change any widget’s position on the screen, just enter jiggle mode by tapping and holding any icon or widget. Once in edit mode, you will be able to drag the widgets around, or unpin them using the close icon that appears in the top-left corner of each. Regarding the interactive nature of the current widgets, you can change the month in the calendar widget, but there’s nothing much apart from that.

iWidgets is available for free in the ModMyi repo of the Cydia store.

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