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Get Android Jelly Bean-Style Lock Screen On iPhone With JellyLock

Imitation really is the best form of flattery, a lot of iOS users were quite flattered a few days back when Espier Screen Locker was released to replicate the iPhone lock screen on Android devices. Of course, we have seen similar apps and tweaks for iOS as well, like the previously covered ICSLock Pro. ICS is not the Android’s latest version though, and all the newest devices come with Jelly Bean. So, it was just a matter of time before someone ported a few features of JB to jailbroken iOS devices. JellyLock is a new Cydia tweak that lets you enjoy a Jelly Bean-style lock screen on your iDevice. Those of you who aren’t aware of the features of the JB lock screen can read our detailed post on the subject. Basically, you get to have a new kind of camera grabber and unlock slider on the lock screen that’s in form of a ring. In addition, users can also place up to three app shortcuts of their choice alongside the camera shortcut – a feature found in several custom Jelly Bean-based Android ROMs.

JellyLock iOS Settings JellyLock iOS Interface JellyLock iOS LS

Unlike ICSLock Pro, JellyLock does not add a new icon of its own to the SpringBoard. Instead, you can customize all its aspects simply from the tweak’s Settings app menu. JellyLock supports four themes that are applied to all the shortcuts and the unlocking ring. If you don’t want to leave anything to chance and would prefer to manually configure everything about the JellyLock interface, there are options available for that as well. You can change the color, size and position of the circle, independent of the theme. It is also possible to change the opacity of the ring to customize the lock screen’s look even more. Fans of haptic feedback can make JellyLock vibrate their device every time they touch the circle or unlock their device.

By default, JellyLock just adds the unlock and camera icons to the screen, while other shortcuts have to be defined manually. You can choose any three apps within the ‘App Shortcuts’ section of the JellyLock menu. The tweak supports both stock and third-party apps. You don’t have to worry about placing the icons perfectly, since the tweak does that all by itself. You can, however, change the size of these icons by using the slider provided under the ‘Icons’ section.

The developer advises users to stay away from ‘Advanced’ options unless they know what they are doing. This section offers the ability to make the camera shortcut launch a third-party app, and change the look of the lock icon.

JellyLock is a free tweak, and is only available at the developer’s personal repo, so you’ll have to add the following link to your Cydia sources.


Give it a go if you have been harboring a secret crush on the Jelly Bean lock screen, or just want to try it out on your iPhone.

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