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jLauncher Is A Gorgeous, Fullscreen Multitasking Overlay For iPhone

Cydia developers just love tinkering with the App Switcher tray and bringing new multitasking methods to iOS. Tweaks like Imperium, Switchy and Zephyr all deal with multitasking. While all these tweaks have been pretty successful among jailbroken users, the quest for the perfect App Switcher hasn’t quite ended. jLauncher is the latest effort to perfect task management in iOS. This attractive new tweak doesn’t mess with the existing App Switcher tray, but offers a completely new, Activator-based task manager. The features aren’t too different from the stock switcher, but when it comes to looks and convenience, jLauncher is in a league of its own. The app switcher offered by this tweak can be accessed even when you are on the lock screen, and appears as a translucent, overlaid screen that shows music controls (complete with album art) and recently used apps, which feels much better than having the whole thing confined to the bottom of the screen.

jLauncher Cydia jLauncher Welcome jLauncher iOS

Right after installing jLauncher, you will get an alert directing you to Activator. The tweak does not have any customization options; all you have to do is to assign a gesture to it. If you aren’t overly attached to the stock App Switcher, we would suggest that you go for the “double tap Home button” gesture for jLauncher.

As soon as the selected gesture is performed, the jLauncher screen becomes superimposed over the current app (or the home screen). Most of the screen is occupied by music controls and the album art, right below which, you’ll find sliders for brightness and volume. If no song is currently being played, the screen will display album art from the last track.

All recently-used apps are aligned along the right-hand side of jLauncher. You can view five apps at a time (as opposed to four in the stock App Switcher), and you can see the rest by swiping down along them. The tweak only works in portrait mode, and some gestures might not be able to invoke jLauncher on the lock screen.

jLauncher has a rather intuitive way of killing apps. There’s no tapping on close buttons involved. Merely holding down an app’s icon removes it from the recent apps list.

jLauncher will cost you $1.99, which is a more than justified amount for a tweak of this caliber. Head to Cydia’s BigBoss repo and grab the tweak to unlock a whole new way of switching between apps on your iPhone.

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