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just.me For iPhone Combines Messaging, Email & Social File Sharing

With so much saturation in the App Store, very few apps can become instant hits these days. just.me has had some time to reel in a decent number of users since the app’s beta came out a few months ago, and it has been in the news for even longer due to the fact that some big names have been backing the project. Now that the app stable version has finally been released, we are pleased to see that it doesn’t disappoint. just.me is basically an instant messaging app, but one of the great things about it is that the app works even if your contacts aren’t on just.me, as such people receive messages via email or SMS. just.me also incorporates cloud storage, where you can keep any text snippet or media file stored as long as you want. The privacy is completely in the user’s hands, which makes it possible to use just.me even as a social sharing network.

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To sign up for just.me, you have to provide the app with your email ID. Once you have verified your account, you are ready to use the service. Although there are many areas of just.me you can explore, the shortcut for composing a new message always remains easily accessible. It is possible to start creating a new message by shooting a photo, writing something or recording audio or video. just.me offers three levels of privacy: You can share your posts publicly if you want all just.me users to be able to view them, in addition to your contacts. Tapping the middle tab in the message composition window lets you send private messages to one or more friends. To facilitate users in this endeavor, just.me scans their address book so that it becomes possible to add anyone as a recipient in an efficient manner.

just.me users receive notifications upon receiving new messages, while those that aren’t using the service get your messages through email or SMS (depending upon their information stored in your address book). The third-level of privacy offered by just.me lets upload messages to the service that are for your eyes only. This way, you use the app as a personal cloud storage for data that you don’t want anyone to see. You can scribble a note in this mode, or upload a media file as well.

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To view posts filed under any privacy level, you can use the appropriate option listed in the sidebar. just.me even offers an elaborate ‘follow’ system of its own, making it possible for users to subscribe to other users who have kept their profile public. Followers of a profile can get public updates from that person by hitting the filter icon in the middle of the top bar and selecting ‘People I Follow’. If you just want to browse through public posts, filters like ‘Trending’, ‘Live’ and ‘My Posts’ are available as well. To control the push notifications sent by just.me, head to the app’s settings menu.

just.me is built on a great concept, and doesn’t force you to make your friends switch from other services. The UI isn’t anything to write home about, but the overall impression of the app is quite decent. Give this free and iPhone/iPod touch-optimized app a try at the following link.

Download just.me For iOS

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