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Karma Is Among The Most Full-Featured iPhone Reddit Clients Out There

Despite the presence of the official Reddit app (iReddit) and a few good alternatives in the App Store, iOS doesn’t seem to have as many quality third-party Reddit apps compared to Android. If you like accessing the internet’s front page on your iPhone often, there is finally some good news. Karma is a new Reddit client that packs almost all the features that are available on the web version of the service. You can easily manage your account, follow subreddits, vote on posts, leave your comments and even submit a new post from within Karma quite easily. To make it perfect, the app doesn’t come with too many unnecessary features that many people would never require, and has a really simple interface. The app looks a lot like Reddit’s desktop version, and can display many different types of media files.

Karma iOS Menu Karma iOS Home Karma iOS Submit

You can explore the world of Reddit without signing in, but if you have a Reddit account and want the complete experience on your iPhone, do log in with it. Registered Redditers can send messages to other users, add them as friends, view stats about their account and subscribe to different reddits. One of the best things about Karma though, is its ability to let you submit new posts. Tap the icon in the top-right corner to post a new link or text snippet to Reddit. You can even assign your post to a particular subreddit if you want.

While viewing the front page or a subreddit, you can switch between hot, new, controversial and top posts. To change subreddits, use the menu. Unfortunately, there is no search option in Karma, so you’ll have to be content with browsing through the posts in each section.

Karma iOS Post Karma iOS Share Karma iOS Comments

For every post in Karma, users get the option of viewing it, reading its comments and leaving their own feedback. It is also possible to share posts via email, SMS, Twitter and Facebook if some of your friends don’t use Reddit. Karma uses iOS’ native video player, so you can view any video within the app that can normally be played on an iPhone. Animated GIFs also show up just fine within the app. To make sure you never miss Reddit’s web version, Karma offers a refresh button in the bottom-left corner.

Karma is a free app but if you own an iPad, there will be some disappointment because of its lack of tablet optimization. iPhone/iPod touch users who are on iOS 6 should give this app a try as it has everything a casual Redditer is ever likely to need. Search is the only feature missing and if the developers add that, the app would become just perfect.

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