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Karma Train Is An iPhone Reddit Client With A Unique Cards-Based UI

Over the years, continuous improvements and expansions from Alien Blue’s dedicated developer has allowed it to become the single most powerful Reddit client for iOS. However, while advanced users do love the extra features, people using Reddit for basic content consumption find Alien Blue to be too bloated. Therein lies a great opportunity for developers: to create a reasonably powerful yet still lightweight Reddit client.

karma train reddit alternative client ios

Karma Train is the latest of several alternative Reddit clients for iOS. It offers a unique user interface, making good use of the new design trend of using ‘cards’ to separate pieces of content. Each card is a link/self-text submission, which you can quickly upvote or downvote from the main view, tap on the title to go to the link, or tap on the ‘comments’ button to read all the comments.

Additionally, Karma Train offers useful gestures for certain actions. Swiping right to left on a comment reveals quick comment options, double-tapping a comment minimizes it plus its child comments, and double-tapping a self-text expands or minimizes its contents. I accidentally discovered these swipes while testing the app on my iPhone 4S; hopefully the developer will include a proper tutorial on first-launch in future versions.

Besides that, it supports all the basic Reddit features of submitting links/self-texts, submitting new comments, replying to comments, upvoting/downvoting, sorting submissions by ‘Top’, ‘Hot’, etc., managing subreddit subscriptions, searching, viewing recent activity, and more.

karma-train-reddit-alternative-client-ios-comments    karma-train-reddit-alternative-client-ios-comments_2

I have tried numerous Reddit clients for iOS over the years, but I always come back to Alien Blue. While I dig Karma Train’s cards-based user interface, the lack of so many important features like Night Mode, Pass-code Protection, theming options, and sharing to non-iOS default services make it difficult for me to switch to it.

There is great potential in Karma Train and other alternative Reddit clients for iOS. However, Alien Blue remains far, far ahead despite complaints of feature-bloat. It is still worth checking out, as the app is available in its full form for free, without any ads.

Install Karma Train from App Store

Be sure to let us know what you think of Karma Train for iOS. Do you know of any alternative Reddit clients worth checking out?


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