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Kayak Pro Offers The Most Comprehensive Travel Planning On iPhone/iPad

Everyone who travels a lot, and owns an iPhone or iPad, is sure to have heard of the popular Kayak Pro app. If any app is worth a traveller’s money, it’s Kayak. For all those who are unfamiliar with the service and its iOS app, Kayak is the ultimate flight and travel planner. Whether you have to travel to the neighboring city or across the whole continent, Kayak Pro is sure to offer you something useful. The app helps its users in everything from flight search to reservation details, renting cars at your destination, booking the perfect hotel room and even packing for the trip. You can get pricing details, maps for major airports and a lot more, thanks to Kayak Pro for iOS. The app has been around in the App Store for a long time, but the big news is that it has gone free for a limited time and you can enjoy all its staggeringly thorough features without having to pay anything.

Kayak Pro Home Kayak Pro Menu

Kayak Pro has an internal notification system of its own and everything you do within the app can be tracked and followed up through these notifications. In addition to that, you can create an exclusive Kayak account from the app’s settings menu in order to make your data available via the cloud. Signing up is easy and requires nothing more than your email ID and an app-specific password. From the same menu, it is possible to change the default currency used in the app. To keep things simple, Kayak Pro has just one main screen and everything the app is capable of doing an be initiated from there. Using the Edit button from the top right corner, you can rearrange all the options on the home screen. So, what exactly are the options available in Kayak Pro?

Kayak Pro Hotels Kayak Pro Hotels List Kayak Pro Hotels Map


Before you start thinking about booking a flight, it is prudent to decide the place where you want to stay once you reach your destination. That is why the Hotels menu is the first one listed in the app. Through this menu, you can find hotels near your current location (in case you didn’t book a room in advance) or there is the option to perform a more detailed search by manually selecting a city, and defining your needs (number of guests and required rooms). This hotel search will bring up all the options that are available for your stay. The results can be viewed in the form of a list or on a map. Thanks to the Sort and Filters options in the app, you don’t have to browse through the list to find the perfect place. Just reorder the list based on your priorities, and you are good to go. To get some extra perspective on the available hotels, you can view their reviews on Expedia and Hotels.com.

Kayak Pro Flight Plan Kayak Pro Available Flights Kayak Pro Flight Details


By telling Kayak Pro about your destination, number of people travelling with you and the date at which you intend to leave, you can rely on the app to come up with all the necessary flight information you need. If your travel plans involve going to multiple locations, choose the Multi-City option and select all the cities you intend to visit. Kayak Pro lists all the flights that match your criteria, and you can call the tickets department of the most suitable airline thanks to the contact info offered by the app.


Once you reach your destination city, you will inevitably move within the region, too. So, Kayak Pro suggests all the best taxi and car rental services available in all the major cities.

My Trips

This section of the app syncs with the web version of Kayak, and displays all your notes and other trip details from your previous travels.

Kayak Pro Flight Search Kayak Pro Flight Tracking Kayak Pro Flight Tracker

Flight Tracker

Flight Tracker is among the most useful features of Kayak Pro. All over the worlds, flight delays are pretty common, and this section of the app makes sure you never have to suffer through hours in the waiting lounge of an airport. Just put in your flight name, or any other details in the menu, and the app will tell you if the flight is on schedule or not. If you add a flight to your tracking list, Kayak notifies you if there is any change in its timings.

Price Alerts

If you are not going anywhere right now, but would love to travel if the price is right, Price Alerts are just the thing you need. You can set up an alert in the app, and whenever the ticket prices go down for a particular destination, you will know immediately.

Airline Directory

Want to call an airline office but don’t have the number? The Kayak Pro directory has got contact info for all major airlines.

Tours & Attractions

For all those who want to travel, but aren’t sure where they should go, the Tours & Attractions menu has got some excellent suggestions.

Kayak Pro Airline Pricing Kayak Pro Terminal Map Kayak Pro Packing List

Airline Fees

Another amazingly useful menu of Kayak Pro. If you are travelling with lots of baggage (or a pet) a trip to the app’s Airlines Fees menu is a must. Here you can learn all about the pricing structure for baggage handling, pet travel, meals and all airline expenses other than your ticket.

Airport Information

Are you worried about getting lost at the terminal? Kayak Pro has got indoor maps for all the major airports of the world. You can learn the exact location of shops, waiting lounge and other areas of importance.

Buzz & Currency Converter

Kayak Pro features a currency conversion calculator of its own. In addition to that, you can also go to the Buzz menu and see the airlines and destinations that are popular among other users these days.

Packing List

Kayak lists all the items that people usually take with them while travelling. Just go through these lists, and you will never forget anything of importance ever again.

Kayak Pro has gone free for a limited time, but even when it returns to its normal price of $0.99, you can use the free (ad-supported) version of the app that has everything except indoor terminal maps.

Download Kayak Pro for iOS

Download Kayak for iOS

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