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Blackout Keeps Your iPhone’s Status Bar Permanently Black [Cydia]

When it comes to smartphones, black is the color everyone loves. That is the reason most of the modern devices are manufactured in black, and this rule holds true for iOS devices as well. Even the operating system within iDevices has subtle shades of black to it. The uniformity, in fact, is broken only in the status bar of iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, where the bar remains black when you are on the Springboard of your device, but as soon as an app is launched, the bar turns grey. If you are a stickler for detail, then this change of color is sure to annoy you. That is why there is a solution for that now. Meet Blackout, a new Cydia tweak that makes sure that the status bar on your iDevice always remains black, no matter in what part of iOS you are.

Blackout Before Blackout After

If the two screenshots above seem identical to you, look closely. The status bar in the two images varies in color. After you install Blackout from the BigBoss repo in the Cydia store, the tweak will start working straight away. This is owing to the fact that there are no Springboard icon or Settings app menu that belong to Blackout. The only indication of the tweak’s working is the status bar. Just go to the Springboard of your iDevice, and then launch any app.  You will see that the status bar’s black color will remain unchanged.

The functionality offered by Blackout might not be the most comprehensive on offer in the Cydia store, but for a cosmetic tweak, Blackout isn’t too bad. At least, it won’t cost you anything, and gives you some measure of control over your device’s looks. So, do give the tweak a try if you have ever noticed (and been annoyed by) the status bar in your iDevice.

Update: By a curious stroke of luck, Apple as well has decided to bring changes to the status bar in iOS 6. The features that will be available by default in iOS’ next iteration are pretty much the opposite of what is available in this Cydia tweak. Just as Blackout keeps the color of the status bar same in all parts of the OS, iOS 6 will be intelligent enough to automatically keep changing that color depending upon what app you are currently in. This chameleon-like behaviour is expected to work for both stock and third-party apps.


    • That’s strange. On our iPhone 4 the status bar remains black for Chrome even without this tweak.

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