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Knotch For iPhone Is A Social Network For Opinions On Any Topic

It is not always the easiest thing to speak your mind, as there are many occasions when circumstances force people to keep their opinions to themselves. Now however, iOS users can use the new Knotch app to make their voice heard and give an honest opinion on anything they want. Knotch is a social voting service, where users create their own topics and then ask others for their opinion on it. The app integrates with Facebook to make the experience even more fun and useful. It has a color-coding system of its own, which helps users gauge the public mood regarding an issue. To make the whole experience even more social, you can follow topics and users. Wondering what the overall mood is like among the Knotch community? Take a look at the app’s ‘ColorGraphic’ to find out whether most people are voicing positive opinions or looking at the darker side of life.

Knotch iOS Feed Knotch iOS Post

Email login would have been a good option, but for now the only way to use Knotch is to associate your Facebook ID with it. It is possible to invite your friends to Knotch from within the app, and your contacts who already use the service are indicated automatically. Once you have signed in, you can view some of the popular existing topics in the ‘Trending’ section. The cards listed under a topic show the opinion of people who have talked about it in the past. The color of the card signifies the users’ general outlook on the topic. Red is for a good opinion while blue is completely negative, with a bunch of shades in between. You can follow topics if you want to stay up to date with new opinions about them. Individual posts within topics can be bookmarked, and you can leave your comments on them. These comments are separate from the card-like Knotch responses.

Knotch iOS Topics Knotch iOS Temp

To look for topics you want to post in, use the search tab. If you don’t find the exact keyword you are looking for, simply create the topic, post your opinion and ask others to contribute to it. To post a response, users have to select their mood level before writing anything. Just swipe on the screen to select the appropriate color. These colors contribute towards making the overall ColorGraph that shows the general behavior of Knotch users. It is also possible to sort posts in a topic based on these colors. Just hit a color in the bar below the topic title, and you will see responses of that mood only.

Knotch is a free app and can be downloaded from the App Store link provided below. It is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch, and the critic or praiser inside you is sure to enjoy it if you manage to get some of your friends to join the network.

Download Knotch For iOS

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