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Don’t Have Siri? Quickly Launch Google Voice Search From Anywhere On Your iPhone

NowNow might not sound like the name of a seriously useful Cydia tweak, but that’s exactly what it is. While the Google Search app’s new voice search feature for iOS doesn’t offer nowhere near as much options as Siri does, it has the potential to give Siri’s search capability a run for its money. The Search app’s voice recognition is visibly faster, if not better, than Siri, and its search results support rich information cards for a variety of topics, which are read out loud in their entirety, while Siri remains silent on Wolfram Alpha results. So, if you want to have a powerful voice search option handy all the time, NowNow is the perfect tweak for you. NowNow lets its users choose any Activator gesture to initiate Google voice search from anywhere. It’s almost like having Google Now on iOS.

NowNow Settings NowNow iOS Siri NowNow iOS Results

Before you download NowNow, you will, of course, need to have the Google Search app installed on your iPhone. If you want supported search results to be read out loud, you’ll have to change the voice search language to English (U.S). Also, when prompted, allow the app to access to your current location if you plan on sending location-sensitive queries.

Once you have the Search app installed and configured, go to the Cydia store and download NowNow from the BigBoss repo. If you don’t already have Activator installed, it will be installed along with the tweak. It does not add a new SpringBoard icon of its own upon installation, but you will find a NowNow menu in the stock Settings app. There is just one option in the menu that allows you to choose the launch gesture you want to associate with the tweak. Although it is possible to choose any Activator gesture, the developer, for obvious reasons, suggests that you should go for short-hold Home button (the same one that brings up Siri in supported iDevices).

Performing the selected NowNow gesture launches the Google Search directly to the voice input screen. Had it not been for the Google splash screen that shows up before the voice search area is displayed, NowNow would have been absolutely perfect. Even with this slightly annoying caveat, the load time is pretty great, specially if you keep Google Search in the App Switcher tray at all times. NowNow is a free tweak, and is perfect for all iDevices that don’t have Siri. Use it in conjunction with Voice Controls, and you can enjoy almost everything that Siri offers!

If you’re device is jailbroken, give the tweak a spin and tell us how the experience turned out for you in the comment section below.

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