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LayerShots Takes Layered PSD Screenshots On iOS & Saves To Dropbox [Jailbreak]

LayerShots is a new and absolutely amazing tweak for taking layered screenshots on iOS. It’s available in the rpetrich repo for free. The tweak does what it says but the question you might be wondering is how are layers created in the first place? The tweak captures each element of the screen separately. What an ordinary user sees on their device as a single screen comprises of several elements and LayerShots will capture each one as a separate layer. The output is in PSD format and since that format is not supported by the Photos app, you need to save it to a different app like Dropbox. The tweak will probably support saving to other cloud drives but we didn’t test it with anything other than iFile and Mail. Demo video past the break.


Since we have a demo video to explain how the tweak works, we won’t go into much detail. The tweak is activated using an Activator Gesture but our tests showed that it responds to the native screenshot action i.e. Power button + Home Button though for the sake of the demo, we used Assistive Touch. Once the screenshot is captured (you will see it work on your device screen), wait until it asks you where you want to save the file. It can take a few seconds to appear.

Demo Video

If you want to see the output, you can download it here.


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