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Look Up How Long You Can Store A Particular Food In Your Fridge

Storing food seems like a simple enough thing we do everyday. For most people buying groceries for an entire week is normal. Some food like milk is bought more than once because you can’t store it too long or too much of it, or can you? Milk itself is simple enough but when it comes to meat, vegetables, and other food types you might wonder how long it can be safely stored and consumed. USDA FoodKeeper is a free app available for both iOS and Android that works as a simple reference guide for how long you can store a particular food without risking your health.

FoodKeeper lets you look up food by category. The interface is really really nice. You can scroll through the list and tap the category that you think will have the food you want to look up. The categories are really easy to navigate and there will be little guess work involved when looking up a food.

The app also takes into account what form you bought a food in; was it fresh, already preserved, processed, etc. Tap the state you bought your food in to get a list of the food items in that category.

FoodKeeper FoodKeeper_category

Scroll through the food list until you find the food item you want to look up. It is sorted in alphabetical order and the app also has a search tab that you can use to search for a food. Brand items are also listed.

FoodKeeper_cat_items FoodKeeper_storage

Lastly, the app has a General Information tab that gives you general advice for cooking certain foods like meats. The app is basically aimed to keep you from eating food that is no longer fresh and to make sure the food you make doesn’t contain salmonella.

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