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Make Your iPhone Home Screen & App Icons Do The Harlem Shake!

“Con los terroristas” has been the opening sound for many hilariously stupid videos in recent weeks. After people finally got bored of Gangnam Style, the world was looking for its next hit, and Harlem Shake took the opportunity to rise to the occasion. The dance videos based on the Harlem Shake song are all over the internet, and we got in on the fun a few days back with our take on the easiest ways to make a Harlem Shake video. Though don’t you think that there have been enough Harlem Shakes featuring people? A new Cydia tweak aptly named Harlem Shake mixes things around a little, and lets your iPhone SpringBoard do the Harlem Shake. As you can imagine, app icons look even funnier than human beings when they are dancing to the tune of a strange song.

HarlemShake Activator HarlemShake iOS

To make it a perfectly entertaining tweak, the developer behind Harlem Shake has made sure that users can retain the control of their iDevice completely, and it performs the crazy dance only when you want it to. For this purpose, the tweak takes the help of Activator, meaning users have to define a gesture that initiates the Harlem Shake sequence. Any gesture that works on the SpringBoard can be selected, and as soon as you perform it, the amazing performance starts. The tweak comes with the standard Harlem Shake audio that lasts for about 40 seconds. If you just want to enjoy the visual aspects of Harlem Shake, you can keep your device in silent mode, but to see the tweak in full action, stay away from that volume-down button and just perform the Activator gesture you selected with the volume turned on.

The icon that starts dancing alone is chosen at random each time you invoke the tweak. Once the other apps and folders join in the fun, your wallpaper starts rotating and shaking as well. The overall effect is great, and is sure to give most users a laugh.

Check out the video demo we’ve created for the tweak.

The Harlem Shake tweak is no half-baked release, and the developer has perfected it before making it available for the public. Even when all the icons are moving, they remain fully functional and you can launch any app you want in mid-shake. The animations are super-smooth, and the overall performance is nothing short of astounding!

It would have been a shame to see such a fun tweak be listed as paid, but thankfully that is not the case, as any iOS user can grab it for free by heading to the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.

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