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Manually Adjust Camera Settings And Save Photos In TIFF Format [iOS]

iOS 8 unlocked the camera API opening the door for developers to create apps that could take advantage of it. ProCam 2 is one of the most famous apps to have been developed as a result but it carries a $3.99 price tag. It’s not that the app doesn’t deliver on its promise, and then some, it’s that it is a lot more complicated than the average user might need it to be. Meet Shoot by the same developers; compared to ProCam 2 it is basic but still allows you to manually change your camera settings. Resetting them to the default settings is exceptionally simple (just double tap on the view-finder) and you can save photos in the lossless TIFF format with it. The app also features a timer, an on-screen grid, zoom, and the ability to save HDR photos separately. The app is free for a limited time and requires iOS 8 or higher.

If you’ve used ProCam 2, the first thing you will notice about Shoot is how much more simpler its interface is; the bar on the left lets you change which camera you’re using, enable HDR, enable a light level histogram, turn on the on-screen grid, enable saving to TIFF format, and turn on the flash.


The bar on the right lets you manage the auto white balance, the auto-focus, the ISO speed, shutter speed, and automatic exposure. The focus feature is particularly impressive as it allows you to view how well it is focusing on an object as you adjust it.


Shoot also come with a widget for the Notification Center and it lets you view EXIF data for photos. Be warned that if you decide to save a photo in the TIFF format, you will be taking up a lot more space on your device than you did when saving to JPG. A JPG image may take up 2.12MB while the same photo in TIFF format will take up 30.48MB on your device.

Install Shoot by ProCam From The App Store

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