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Create & Share Turn-By-Turn Voice Directions With Mapkin For iPhone

No navigation app is truly complete unless it comes with turn-by-turn directions. You can always try and commit a route to memory, but the chances of taking a wrong turn or ending up in a bad traffic jam can never be eliminated. Services like Waze and Extra Mile provide considerable assistance in this regard, but at the end of the day, nothing beats human logic and common sense. Maybe this is why many people still prefer asking their friends for help whenever they want to find a route, rather than relying solely on maps. While Waze can be a really good way of getting the latest information regarding the current condition of roads, you still have to wait for the public to help you out, and the process is far from on-demand. With Mapkin, on the other hand, you can simply ask your friends for directions to any place, and they can add their own instructions to the ones Mapkin generates via MapQuest and OpenStreetMap.

Mapkin iOS Map Mapkin iOS Edit Mapkin iOS Share

Mapkin is only available in the U.S. for now, and doesn’t work in other countries. To get started, you have to sign up for a new app account. It is possible to explore some of the example routes mapped out in the app without registration, but for everything else, an account is needed.

To create a route of your own in Mapkin, hit the ‘+’ button located in the screen’s top-right corner. Choose the start and end points, and the app will create a route automatically. Once it has done that, you can alter things manually after hitting the ‘Next’ button. There are two ways in which you can edit the route and instructions. Mapkin lets you add voice recordings to certain parts of the route, while it is also possible to edit the text parts of the directions by hitting the buttons with the quotes on it. This edited route can then be shared with others over email, Twitter, SMS, and Facebook. You can also copy a link and share it elsewhere yourself.

Mapkin iOS Feed Mapkin iOS Extension

Every route you create using Mapkin is kept saved on the app’s main screen, so that if anyone asks you for directions later, it can be shared with ease. Mapkin routes can be viewed on the web, so the recipient doesn’t have to be on the app to get the instructions.

Mapkin is a free app, and certainly brings some innovation to a genre that is usually crowded with almost identical offerings. Get it by heading to the link below.

Install Mapkin from App Store

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