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Marco Polo: Find Your Phone by Shouting Marco & It Will Answer Polo [Paid]

People leave their phones somewhere and forget where. If you’ve forgotten your phone at a coffee shop or a book store then Find My iPhone is what’s going to help you get it back. But what if you unwisely left it in your bed and it’s now rolled up in your covers, out of sight and untraceable? How long are you going to search and how deep will you have to dissect your house before you find it again? Marco Polo is an iOS app worth $0.99 in the App Store that helps you find your iPhone by shouting Marco out loud. It responds with Polo and you follow the sound to your phone. The app does not need an internet or network connection to work.

Before we go into further details, there is a caveat that users should be aware of; the app needs to run in the background so that it can constantly listen for you shouting Marco at it and because of restrictions from the iOS platform, the app will add a red bar at the top of your screen to indicate that it is running. It will also tax your battery.

red bar


Once installed, open the app and grant it permission to use your phone’s mic. Once granted access, the app starts listening immediately. If you return to your home screen you will see the red bar we mentioned earlier. On the app’s home screen, the Listening slider can be switched off if you ever want to turn the app ‘off’.

mic access  listening


There are several different voices available to shout Polo back at you. Tap the more button at the top left to open the side drawer to select a different voice. You can manage the volume of the voice here and enable push notifications as well (see left screenshot below). The ‘Volume Boost’ option is pretty useful if you often keep your iPhone on silent mode. It turns the volume up full when answering your call even if your phone is on vibrate so that you can hear it.

polo settings


Naturally, you can’t expect to have left your phone in one corner of the house and expect it to answer you if you’re shouting Marco from the other end but move around from one room to the other and you are bound to find your phone soon enough. The app worked great during testing though I personally felt that I needed to shout Marco quite loudly before I was heard.

Download Marco Polo from the App Store


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