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Maxthon Web Browser Now On iPhone; Offers Reader Mode, Download Manager & Cloud Syncing

Maxthon is a name that has been around in the tech world for quite a while now, with applications for both mobile and desktop platforms. There is even a cloud storage service from Maxthon, which goes by the name of Skyfile. Regardless of all these useful services and apps, Maxthon’s web browser remains its most popular product. Maxthon Web Browser was first released for Windows and Mac, but it later arrived for the iPad as well. Now that the app has gained popularity on the iOS tablet, an iPhone version of the browser has been released, too. The app has a pretty neat interface that is reminiscent of Chrome for iPhone. Just like the iPad version of Maxthon, the iPhone app has a reader mode, a comprehensive download manager and the ability to sync bookmarks with your desktop computer.

Maxthon Home Maxthon Options Maxthon Settings

The homepage of Maxthon Web Browser lists all the websites that are often visited by users. If you want, you can also make changes to this page and add any website you like. The addition requires nothing more than the hitting the tab marked Add and providing a title and URL for the new bookmark. The favicons of all the bookmarked sites appear on the main page. Maxthon does not have an omnibar, but it is still as easy to use as Chrome, thanks to the ever-present Google bar just below the address one. The address bar in Maxthon Web Browser is smart, and as soon as you start typing, it will begin to guess the whole URL, and you won’t have to manually put the ‘www’ or ‘.com’ in any address. In order to get the most out of Maxthon, it is better if you sign up for an account of the service. A Maxthon account lets the app’s users sync their favorites to the cloud, so that they can be accessed from anywhere you want. In addition to that, you can simply share individual links with people by hitting the button next to the address bar. From the settings menu in Maxthon Web Browser, you can choose to restrict the syncing process so that the favorites are only shared when you are on Wi-Fi. Private Browsing and Screen always on options are available in the same menu, too.

Maxthon Download manager Maxthon Reader Mode

Maxthon comes with a pretty decent download manager that will let you download any file you want (although if the file is not compatible with iOS by default, you will see a warning before the download commences). Other than that, there is the Reader Mode in the app, which lets you filter out everything on a webpage except the text. The said mode can be activated by just hitting the book icon from the bottom bar. Reader mode presents a simplified view of a webpage, and has got some neat options of its own. You can control the size of the text’s font, while night mode can be initiated by hitting the last button in the reader mode’s bottom bar.

Maxthon Web Browser is a free app, and optimized for iPhone and iPod touch. If you want to use the browser on your iPad, there is a separate version of Maxthon available in the App Store.

Download Maxthon Web Browser for iPhone

Download Maxthon Web Browser for iPad

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