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Mentor For iOS Uses Social Pressure To Help You Take Up New Activities

You can’t help but think of the previously covered Lift app when using Mentor for iPhone, but the apps are subtly different from each other. While Lift is meant to let users adopt new and beneficial habits by committing to them in front of strangers, Mentor lets you connect with both strangers and friends. The app also takes a more practical approach towards letting you establish a routine that has some room for the target activity. Mentor makes use of push notifications to remind you of your pledges at the times of your choice. The app’s elaborate notification system adds an extra social dimension to the mix, which might inspire you to adopt activities that your friends are interested in.

Mentor iOS Menu Mentor iOS Stream Mentor iOS Notif

To sign up for a Mentor account, you might use your email address or Facebook account. Once logged in, the app takes you straight to the ‘Stream’ section of the app. If you used Facebook for registration, some of the posts might be from your friends, otherwise activities that are currently trending on the Mentor network show up. People with email-based accounts can use the ‘Find People’ and ‘Invite Friends’ options from the menu to make their feeds more interesting. You can also choose to follow any public profile if none of your friends are on Mentor. When someone starts following you or responds to one of your posts, the update shows up in the ‘News’ area, which can be accessed by tapping the lightening bolt icon in the top-right corner.

Mentor iOS Activity Mentor iOS Activity Details Mentor iOS Calendar

So, how exactly do you start an activity on Mentor? There’s not much to it; just tap the check mark icon in the middle of the bottom bar, and you can start searching for an activity. If the activity has already been defined by someone else, you can join in after viewing the stats associated with it. Otherwise, creating a new activity doesn’t take much.

Once a habit has become a part of your profile, it is possible to configure reminders against it. These reminders can be for a particular day, or a specific time. Every time you follow through on an activity, there are options for associating a location with it, and posting a photo as proof. If the activity was collaborative, you get to tag any of your friends as well.

Mentor is a free app, and can be considered a combination of a wish list, social network and a task manager. It is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch. Give it a go if you want an app that can help you turn all those New Year resolutions into reality.

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