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MessageEnhancer Makes Both Cosmetic & Functional Changes To Messages App [Jailbreak]

The Messages app is a popular app in iOS that jailbreakers like to tweak. You will find lots of tweaks like Messages Conversation Photos that make it better. Now imagine everything you wish the Messages app did, everything you wish you could change about it, and whatever else in between that annoys you about this particular app. MessageEnhancer is a Cydia tweak available for free in the BigBoss repository that lets you tweak just about anything and everything in the Messages app that you could ever want. The tweak can enable a fullscreen mode for the app, a dark keyboard, contact photos appearing within conversation threads, wider message bubbles, and more. It can also hide features you don’t like such as separators, the camera button, and the delivered label.


The tweak adds a preference panel to the Settings app where you can enable and disable features. It’s divided into two sections; Enhancements with add features, and Hide which disables existing features in the app.

Enhancements is where you can enable a full screen mode, dark keyboard, contact photos, smaller conversation lists, and more. Hide is where you can disable long bubble tails, the camera buttons, the list chevron, even the progress bar that indicates your message being sent.

MessageEnhancer MessageEnhancer hide

In addition to this, you can also set text messages to appear in blue like iMessages do, disable the return key, hide ‘load earlier messages’, enable a large text input field so that you can see more lines of the message you are typing out, etc.

The tweak works pretty well and we tested it out on an iPhone 4S with mostly satisfactory results. The wider message bubble however didn’t fare well. The message spilled beyond the screen edges obstructing some of it.

MessageEnhancer dark keyboard MessageEnhancer contact


Overall, the tweak is pretty comprehensive in the features it provides and hides. You might have trouble on older devices with any UI enhancements. We observed them on an iPhone 4s and can expect the same on an iPhone 4. If the changes made in the tweak’s preferences don’t take effect immediately, you can respring your device from MessageEnhancer’s own preferences.

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