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Minutely For iPhone Offers 3D Weather Maps & Per-Minute Crowdsourced Updates

The concept behind SkyMotion seemed really revolutionary when we covered it back in December. After all, it is pretty cool  to see an app come up with weather forecasts that get live updates after every few minutes. As great as SkyMotion is, it is relying on weather stations to gather all its data. While weather data from different agencies can be pretty accurate, there’s nothing like getting a human being to tell you the weather conditions of a city. We have seen this idea put to good use in Ourcast, which uses crowdsourcing in conjunction with weather data from professional sources to bring users the most accurate weather reports from around the world. The team behind Ourcast has now gone a step further by releasing a new app by the name of Minutely. This app is pretty similar to Ourcast but with Minutely, you get stats like the exact time when it is expected to start raining in your area, or the time remaining until the rain finally stops. In addition to all that, you also get 3D weather maps that look stunning and show weather conditions at a glance.

Minutely iOS Rain Meter Minutely iOS Forecast Minutely iOS Correction

If you intend to contribute to the Minutely community, there is the option of signing in to the app using Facebook or Twitter. It is possible to use the app anonymously as well though, and you get to access all the features that are available for those who are signed in.

The main page of Minutely displays current weather stats from your area, but you can change the default place by hitting the small search icon located in the top bar. If it is currently raining or expected to rain in the near future, Minutely’s rain meter shows up in the bottom half of the screen. This meter displays the exact time remaining until the rain condition changes. Other displayed data includes hourly forecast, a written description of the upcoming conditions and a temperature graph. If you find any of the shown data to be inaccurate, simply tap the weather icon in the middle of the screen to fix the forecast. Doing so requires you to just choose the icon that most closely resembles the sky outside.

Minutely iOS CheckIn Minutely iOS Map Minutely iOS 3D

Minutely check-ins are another way of letting the world know how the weather really is in your city right now. You can add a photo and text description to these check-ins, and post them to your favorite social networks as well. The Minutely check-ins for a particular area show up on the app’s weather map. This map is pretty accurate, and offers the option to view the expected condition changes in the next two hours. There is also a 3D view in Minutely maps for U.S, which can come in handy if you want to gauge the true size of a fog bank or an incoming storm.

Minutely is a free app, and is definitely worth a download. The Android versions is slated to arrive soon, but you can grab the iPhone app right now.

Download Minutely for iOS

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