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Make Skype, Google Voice & Talkatone Calls Directly From Stock iPhone Contacts App

Services like Skype and Google Voice provide users with a convenient and economical way of making voice calls from their iPhone, and the best part is that when the conversation starts, you are not likely to feel like you are not talking to someone over an ordinary phone call. Having said that, you still have to access Skype, Talkatone and Google Voice via their respective clients, and thus, it can get a bit cumbersome calling someone who isn’t added to your Skype account, but whose credentials are saved in the stock Contacts app. MultiDialer is a Cydia tweak that extends the Call menu for phone numbers in your jailbroken iPhone to include calling options for Skype, Talkatone, GVoice, Z4 & textPlus. Users of MultiDialer will get the option to make their calls from these sources even when they tap a phone number from some external source, like a website or an email.

MultiDialer Cydia MultiDialer Options

MultiDialer is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, and you can download it for free from there. Once installed, the tweak does not add any new options to the stock Settings app or your iPhone’s Springboard. This is due to the fact that you don’t have to configure MultiDialer in any way, and it springs into action of its own accord. To verify if the tweak is working properly, make sure that you have Skype, Google Voice or any of the other supported apps installed on your iDevice, and then launch the stock Phone or Contacts app. Whenever you tap a phone number in those apps, a menu will come up, asking you to choose the app you want to employ to make the call.

Of course, MultiDialer does not affect the original Call option in your iPhone, and that remains available in the menu that pops up. If you use any of the apps supported by this Cydia tweak, MultiDialer is a must-have for you. The list of services supported by MultiDialer keeps increasing regularly, making it all the more attractive. The MultiDialer tweak has become even more significant after the announcement of Windows Phone 8 by Microsoft. In the next Apollo update of Windows Phone, Skype and VoIP calls will be treated just like ordinary voice calls. Although MultiDialer does not provide that level of integration and convenience, it is a good option to have if you are a fan of any popular VoIP services.

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  1. FYI: The ‘Voicemail’ button in the native Phone App stops working if you install Multidialer. If you press the ‘Voicemail’ button, the Phone App will just close.

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