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myMail Is A Beautiful Replacement For Stock Android & iOS Email App

Although we have super fast smartphones in our pockets that enable us to play 3D games, watch movies, check on the news, and update social media accounts, what do the professionals among us really use them for the most? You got it right – checking emails on the go! Sending and receiving emails right from your mobile device can be a lot more convenient than having to power up your computer. Both iOS and Android devices have the excellent Gmail app available, besides generic stock email clients, but besides these, there’s a wide spectrum of third-party options available as well. Pretty much the same holds true for iOS devices. myMail is one of the newer email apps for iOS and Android that’s nothing short of spectacular.  It lets you manage messages from multiple accounts including Gmail, AOL, Yahoo Mail, iCloud, Outlook, Hotmail, and other IMAP/POP3 services in its refreshingly impressive UI.

myMail is also one of the few email apps that are well optimized to work on both tablets and smartphones, and look absolutely great on both fronts. Parts of its UI such as the navigation pane feel reminiscent of Gmail, though the color scheme and icons used give it a distinct identity of its own. When launched, myMail asks you to select your email service to start with. After signing in, you’re taken to the main inbox area.

You will find the baseline functionality similar to your current email client; you have an inbox of messages, and can send and receive emails from your recipients. And yes, it does support push notifications for new messages, and displays avatar image previews besides incoming items. You can tap and hold on an item to immediately perform actions like reply, forward, report as spam and delete.

myMail_Accounts myMail_Main

Swipe rightward from the left edge, and a sidebar will slide in. This is where you can manage your multiple inboxes, and jump between different folders. Tapping the + button here will let you add additional email accounts to the app. It also lets you use the developer’s myChat add-on app.

When it comes to composing a new message, the interface is just what you’d expect, with the usual To, CC and Subject fields, the main composing area, and the ability to add attachments.

myMail_Sidebar myMail_Compose

Tapping a received email shows its full content. However, one downside of myMail is that it doesn’t support conversation-like email threads, which is something that still makes the Gmail app a more convenient option to follow email conversations. myMail also hides the email recipients to whom the message is sent, though you may tap Details to reveal more information in expanded state, such as To, CC, etc.

On the app’s Settings screen, you will find a set of options that let you toggle push notifications On or Off, set the screen to auto rotate, specify storage settings, and setup a signature. It also lets you disable avatars if you don’t want them, as well as toggle confirmation popups for deleting emails and add them to spam.

myMail_Email myMail_Settings

Overall, it’s a pretty decent email client that carries a lot of of features coupled with a flat, minimal UI that looks great. myMail is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Install myMail for Android

Install myMail for iOS


  1. Good just for dumb users of so called popular services (is AOL still popular?).
    Impossible to configure for work with custom servers and addresses.

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