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A Quick Look At The New Music App In iOS 8.4

iOS 8.4 has been released and the big news about this update is that it brings Apple Music to all supported devices. What those not interested in Apple News may not know is that it also means a fresh and very different look for the Music app. We’re taking a quick look at the UI improvements that have been made to the app and will only be touching on Apple Music as part of the UI and not how great/terrible a service it is.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the tabs you had are now gone and replaced with new ones that house different functions. There are five tabs in total; one for your music library, one for iTunes Radio, and the other three dedicated to Apple Music related services such as following your favorite artists, etc,. The New tab lets you explore new music but in order to listen to it, you must subscribe to Apple Music. The For You tab lists music recommendations (Apple Music) and populates overtime as the service learns your preferences. The Connect tab is for following your favorite artists (Apple Music).

ios8.4_musicapp ios8.4_musicapp_radio

That leaves you with the My Music tab which is itself split into two tabs; one for your music library and the other for your playlists. If you have a track that’s currently playing (or paused) it will appear as a minimized player at the bottom across all tabs. The search feature not only keeps a history of tracks or artists you’ve searched for, but it also lets you search your library and Apple Music independently.

ios8.4_musicapp_lib ios8.4_musicapp_search

I think it’s safe to say that the Music app is finally looking a little busy. Before, with tabs for your library, artist, or genre, etc., the app came across as a simple audio player with different ways of accessing your music. Apple Music dominates most of the app so it’s also worth questioning if a separate app for Apple Music might have been a good idea or not.


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