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Identify & Scrobble Music The Social Way On Android & iOS With #nwplyng

Although Shazam has gained a host of social features with the passage of time, it is still a far cry from some of the services that are designed exclusively for sharing your taste in music with friends. #nwplyng combines scrobbling and song identification in a really organized manner, but there is more to this app than just that. There are a number of ways you get to share your choices with your friends. You can search for a song on YouTube and post it to your feeds, identify it using your device’s speaker, or simply enjoy the tracks shared by people you follow. #nwplyng is available for both Android and iOS, and works identically on both platforms. Other than a neat commenting system, #nwplyng also offers a collection of badges that can be unlocked by accomplishing different targets related to the app’s usage.

#nwplyng Android Menu #nwplyng Android Feed

#nwplyng can only be used after signing in with your Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare account. Before logging in though, you can also take a tour of the app to get familiar with its usage and features. If any of your friends are already using the app, you can start following them on #nwplyng by heading to the ‘Find Friends’ section. Even if everyone on #nwplyng is a complete stranger to you, it is possible to follow them by using the ‘Search for usernames’ option.

The #nwplyng feed is populated by shared items from everyone you follow, your friends and tracks that are currently popular on the service. To like a post, simply touch the heart icon or double-tap the album art. Users can also leave their comments on each post in their feed by hitting the speech bubble icon.

#nwplyng Android Search #nwplyng Android Badge

So, how exactly can you share a post of your own on #nwplyng? There’s not much to it, as you just have to tap the blue button located in the top-right corner. If you want to manually choose the song, hit the search icon and let the app find the track for you on YouTube. You can also use the device’s microphone to identify a song if it is playing in your vicinity. You can associate a location and image with your posts as well.

With the passage of time, as you start sharing posts more frequently, #nwplyng keeps leveling you up. These levels are accompanied by new titles and badges, and are based on particular songs or just general persistence in using the app.

#nwplyng is a free app, and has been around for a few months on iOS, though it has only recently made its way to the Google Play store. You can download it for your OS from the following links.

Download #nwplyng for Android

Download #nwplyng for iOS

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