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OBOTO Is A Smart, Augmented Reality Pet Robot For iPhone Users

Do you like those cute and interesting virtual talking pets for mobile devices? Forget Talking Tom Cat and Candy Flick, because the mighty OGGIE can annihilate all these with a single blast from its augmented reality laser. OBOTO is an iOS app that lets you have your very own pet robot that’s capable of dancing, responding to external stimuli, and also going on its mean streak, which sometimes induces it to shoot laser beams at everything that comes in its path, and splat black ink onto your iPhone’s screen. Sounds a lot like Talking Tom Cat, doesn’t it? The biggest positive OBOTO enjoys over other entertainment apps of this kinds is that it does everything in the real environment around its users. The app makes use of augmented reality to let you place the robot on top of any object in the vicinity. You can then capture OGGIE’s antics in the form of videos and photos.

OBOTO iOS Welcome OBOTO iOS Main

When first launched, the welcome screen of OBOTO shows a basic introduction to OGGIE, along with a few instructions to help you get started. To see how well the bot responds to your touches, you can make it spin on this welcome screen by just swiping across it. Once you are ready to get started with the real fun, tap OGGIE once.

Point your device’s camera at a flat surface to place OGGIE there. While it is recommended that you choose a flat surface, the robot can appear just about anywhere you want. Even if you don’t get it right the first time, hit the last icon in the bottom bar to reposition it anytime. The robot’s size can be altered as well; tap the top option in the side bar, and then pinch your screen to make OGGIE bigger or smaller.

In OBOTO’s fun mode, you can make the robot dance to a preloaded snippet of music by tapping the musical note icon in the bottom bar, or make it pull out some random object using the box icon. To make OGGIE do a 360-degree spin, use the arrow button.


The first button in the bottom bar can turn OGGIE into an evil robot. Rather than dancing for your pleasure, the robot becomes intent on destruction. Want to see something (or someone) lying near you get blasted? Enter the OBOTO rage mode and tap the first icon in the bottom bar. You will then be asked to choose your target, which will be followed by OGGIE shooting a laser out of its eyes at the selected item. This is pretty reminiscent of the Action Movie FX app we covered more than a year ago.

OGGIE’s evil version can also throw some ink on your iDevice’s screen. The effect is pretty realistic, and the iPhone even vibrates when the splash occurs.

In both of OBOTO’s modes, users can snap a particular moment’s photo or initiate a video recording session using the buttons in the sidebar. This media can then be shared to YouTube or Facebook from within the app.

OBOTO is available as a free download, and is a universal app. However, devices older than the iPhone 4S and 3rd generation iPad cannot run it. So, if your device can handle OGGIE, do give this app a try for hours of fun.

Download OBOTO For iOS

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