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Discover & Back Projects On The Go With The Official Kickstarter iPhone App

Kickstarter is based upon a really unique and useful concept, so its rise to immense fame in less than five years of its inception is not really a surprise. The service is undoubtedly beneficial for innovators, but it also offers a few decent rewards for contributors while keeping them apprised of the condition of their backed projects. While Kickstarter has been the birthplace of many great smartphone apps, its own official client for iOS has just debuted in the App Store. Though looking at it, the delay just might have been worthwhile, as the app impresses by letting you easily discover and monitor projects, manage your account and even make investments right from your iDevice, without having to visit to the service’s website.

Kickstarter iOS Feeds Kickstarter iOS Filters Kickstarter iOS Settings

If you aren’t a registered Kickstarter member already, the app offers you the option to create a new account using your email address or Facebook account. To view recent and popular projects, hit the ‘Discover’ tab. There are many filters that you can use in this section to narrow down the listing; just tap the middle of the top bar and select the category of projects you are interested in. Kickstarter has separate sections for projects pertaining to art, comics, fashion, technology, etc. You can also view staff picks and popular submissions. You can also use the ‘Search’ button to discover projects that might have slipped under the radar of most people.

The app comes with a pretty decent notifications system. Apart from social activities, you also get alerts when your backed projects reach a major milestone, or when a new update is added to them. If you have have submitted your own project on Kickstarter, you’ll get an extra ‘Dashboard’ tab in the app, which provides you access to the complete stats on investments and user interest in your project.

Kickstarter iOS Video Kickstarter iOS Description Kickstarter iOS Backing

For all listed projects, the app shows a text description, the main pitch video and basic stats for the backing it has received so far. You can easily pledge money to any project using the options available in the ‘Back this project’ section. Just like the Kickstarter web interface, the iPhone app also shows you the different target zones for pledges, with differing rewards levels based on the amount of your pledge.

To sum it up, Kickstarter for iPhone is a must-have for users of the service, as it keeps them in the loop for all the projects they are interested in while on the go. The app is optimized for iPhone (including iPhone 5) and iPod touch, and you can grab it for free by heading to the following link.

Download Kickstarter For iOS

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