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Online Project Management Service Basecamp Releases iPhone App

There might be plenty of project management services and tools around today, but Basecamp is among the pioneers of this niche. The web service has become more and more polished with the passage of time, without getting riddled with unnecessary features. Basecamp lets you keep track of all your ongoing projects, offers options for collaborating on notes or to-do lists with other team members, and can also act as a platform for sharing files related to a particular project or task. Like most of its competitors, Basecamp has been confined to the web until now. Times have changed however, and many of us want to keep track of our work using our smartphone on the go. This has prompted the Basecamp team to release an official app for the iPhone. The iOS app offers almost all the features that are available on the web version of Basecamp. In fact, some of the tasks (like conversations and image sharing) seem better-suited to the iPhone compared to the web interface.

Basecamp iOS Home Basecamp iOS Progress

It is not possible to sign up for a Basecamp account from the app; you either need to be an existing user, or visit the Basecamp website and register a new account. Once you have logged in to the app, Basecamp shows a list containing the name of all your ongoing projects. There is also an entry named ‘Progress’, which is a timeline of recent developments and additions for all your projects.

Basecamp iOS Items Basecamp iOS ToDo Basecamp iOS Discussiom

Unfortunately, you cannot create a new project using Basecamp for iPhone, but everything else is possible. Inside an existing project, hit the menu icon to get a list of everything that can be added or viewed within the project. To manage your team, go to the ‘People on this project’ section, where there are options for changing permissions and inviting more members to your team.

Basecamp is smart enough to extract important dates from your to-do lists and discussions. These dates are grouped under ‘Upcoming dates’. Although Basecamp discussions are pretty effective for staying in touch with your team, there is also an option to use email for interaction. These mails can be forwarded to Basecamp, and automatically become a part of your project.

When it comes to file sharing, you get the option of attaching images with notes or messages from your iPhone. Other documents shared from the web version can be viewed in the Basecamp app, or opened with other apps capable of handling them.

If you are already a part of Basecamp’s huge user base, it goes without saying that this app is a must-have. As for others, there might be apps that can perform all these tasks, but Basecamp integrates everything in a manner that is really convenient for users. Give the free, iPhone-optimized app a try by heading to its App Store page.

Download Basecamp For iOS

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