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Orange’s Libon: Free Messages, VoIP Calls & Visual Voicemail For iPhone

An iPhone might cost a lot more than feature phones, but the presence of apps like Viber, Skype and Tango makes the investment worthwhile in the long run. If you are often connected to the net, or are on 3G/LTE, VoIP services can really help you in saving on calls and texting. There are already some pretty good messengers available in the App Store, but Libon from the popular European carrier Orange is a much more refined choice as compared to most. The app also offers visual voicemail that can be associated with your phone number, and will record messages for you when you are busy. You will not be charged anything for interacting with other Libon users, but making calls to other numbers requires in-app purchases (much like “credits” in Skype).

Libon iOS Menu Libon iOS Threads

To create a new Libon account, you will have to provide the app with your email ID and a valid phone number. Account authentication requires users to enter the security code they receive in a text message. Once the sign up procedure is complete, Libon will access your phone’s address book and list all your friends who are already using the service under a separate tab. You can invite more people via SMS or email.

Libon iOS Voicemail Libon iOS Greeting


Libon sports visual voicemail, complete with customizable greetings. Not only can users manage the messages left for them in the “Greetings” menu, the app even converts these messages into text so that you can read them at your leisure.

The greeting message can be customized without having to record anything. Simply type it, select a language and the message will be played whenever you are away or busy. You will get a push notification and an email message every time there is a new entry in your inbox. Voicemail works with Libon calls for free, but for a price, you can use this feature for carrier calls as well.

Libon iOS Options Libon iOS Messages Libon iOS Call


In the free version of Libon, it is possible to call and text other users of the service. Calling other numbers, on the other hand, requires purchasing Libon packages. Whenever the call button against any contact’s name is hit, you will be presented with the option to call them via Libon (for free) or switch to the stock Phone app and make the call from there.

The voice quality in Libon-to-Libon calls is great, and even when you call external numbers, the person at the other end isn’t likely to get the feeling that you are calling via a VoIP service.


The messenger is quite simple, and offers chat with other Libon users. The timestamp confirms the delivery of each message. A small feature worth mentioning here is that whenever you’re scrolling through a message thread, the options at the top and bottom temporarily fade away to give you more space to view the thread.

The elaborate packages and in-app purchases available in Libon suggest that the service is here to stay. In fact, Orange plans to expand the app across platforms with an Android variant pretty soon.

The link provided below will take you to Libon’s App Store page.

Download Libon For iOS

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