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Osito Brings Google Now-Like Traffic, Weather & Event Alerts To iPhone

When it was initially released, Sherpa gained a lot of acclaim as many iOS users felt that the app brings the best bits of Google Now to iOS. As great as the app was, it was still in its beta until now. Things have finally changed though, and Sherpa has shed its beta tag. Not only that; the team behind the service has also decided to rebrand it to Osito. For those who didn’t use the app previously, Osito analyzes your activities, location and calendar entries to come up with highly personalized notifications that can help you in a number of situations. The best thing about Osito is that you don’t have to configure the app to send you notifications; it does all the work automatically, and makes sure you are never late for an appointment or in danger of missing a flight.

Osito iOS Setup Osito iOS Menu Osito iOS Account

Osito gathers information by accessing your email, calendars and location. All these entities have to be connected with the app during the initial set up. For now, Osito works only with Gmail, but linking your email account with the app isn’t compulsory, so you can get started without it as well. Email access is particularly helpful when Osito is chalking out your travel plans for you, but other aspects of the app remain unaffected by lack of Gmail access.

Although it is not a requirement, it is better if you sign up for an Osito account by entering your email address in the app’s settings and choosing a password. This feature is separate from Gmail access, and is meant to make your Osito data available over the cloud.

Osito iOS Weather Osito iOS Flight Osito iOS Schedule

Osito might take a few extra steps during its configuration but once you are past the initial setup, you might not have to type a single word in the app ever again. Using the data gathered from various sources, Osito generates cards that display useful information. For example, if it is about to rain in your area, the app reminds you to take an umbrella before leaving home. If an appointment is approaching, Osito doesn’t just notify you at the time for which the reminder is set; it also tells you the time when you should leave, along with the information of the route you should take to get to your destination.

For Gmail users, Osito offers flight details if they get boarding passes or other ticketing information in email messages. Not only can you book a taxi from the airport right from within the app, Osito even warns you if there is some obstacle expected on your route.

A bit like Field Trip, Osito keeps monitoring your location constantly, so be ready for some strain on your device’s battery. Osito is the kind of app that’s impossible to review completely upon release, since it shows its features only with the passage of time. We encourage you to give it a go yourself, and let us know if you discover any more amazing things the app is capable of doing. Osito is a free download, and comes optimized for iPhone and iPod touch. Give it a go if you are on iOS 6 or later.

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