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How To Set Up Parental Controls On The YouTube Kids App

YouTube Kids has just been released and its purpose is to help parents control what kids watch on YouTube. The content filters come built-in meaning YouTube decides (based on video rating and content) what types of videos are appropriate for young viewers. What it leaves in the hands of the parent is how long a child may use the app, and whether a child can freely search for videos. The settings are secured behind a PIN that will fool kids so long as they can’t read numbers. Here’s how the parental controls work in the new app.

Timers and search restrictions can be accessed through the app’s security settings. The settings can only be unlocked if you enter the PIN number shown in words next to a numerical keypad. Tap the little padlock icon at the bottom right corner to bring up the settings.

You’ll see the following screen and it’s a little obvious that if your kid can read the numbers, the security isn’t going to be much help. There are no options to set a custom PIN and ignore the app’s suggestions.


Once you’re past the app’s security, you can implement two different controls. The first is the timer which limits how long a child can watch videos. You can set it as high as 120 minutes. When the timer expires, the app will immediately block the video player and all suggested videos.


The second control that can be applied lets you prevent kids from searching for videos and limits them to viewing only those that are suggested on the app’s home screen. Additionally, you can also turn off the annoying sound effects the app makes as well as the background music.


That’s about it. I want to give them an A for effort but I don’t find this app to be very effective unless it’s meant specifically for kids who can’t read at all. Considering the content features videos from the Sesame Street Channel, a channel dedicated to teaching kids how to count, and let’s not forget Barney & Friends, it isn’t going to be effective for too long. I might be wrong but the parental controls are not very effective here.

The app is only available in the US app stores but will roll out to other stores in a few days.

Install YouTube Kids From The App Store

Install YouTube Kids From The Google Play Store


  1. i let my 2.5year old watch youtube, he comes across a child name ryan somthing or other channel and starts to attack us and gets crazy, this is ridiculous, it doesnt matter how many times we report these videos, we cant seem to block them. We clear the cache we cant get rid of them, they are always recommended for preschoolers, why, why cant they make a simple way to block unwanted videos

  2. i really need to know how to block some videos that are on youtube kids. there are some where the kids are acting out and promote bad behavior. They are in skit type settings but my little one does not get that so she starts acting like the girls on the videos. how do u block specific types of videos?

    • i have not found out how to block the videos. i have to listen to what she has on there to make sure she is not watching those kids. 🙁

    • All you have to do is be logged in. If you go to parental controls and have the app send you an email for parental consent, you can block whatever video channels you want. Hope this helped!

    • All you have to do is be logged in. If you go to parental controls and have the app send you an email for parental consent, you can block whatever video channels you want. Hope this helped! That channel you’re taking about is exactly why I looked into this as well!!

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