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AppControl: Password Protect Apps & Mange Settings From App Switcher [Jailbreak]

If, as an iOS user, you have ever wanted to keep your apps locked behind a password and manage quick settings from them more easily then the app/tweak developing gods have smiled on you. AppControl is a new Cydia tweak available in the BigBoss and Insanelyi repositories that lets you rename and manage the volume of an app, manage brightness, and hide the app preview from the default app switcher in iOS. In addition to these four settings, the app also lets you set a password, a different one for each app, that restricts access to it.


Once installed, double press the Home button to bring up the app switcher. Swipe the app icon up to get the settings panel for that particular app. This settings panel shows when you last opened the app (useful if someone has been nosing around your phone), the version of the app, the app name which you can edit, volume and brightness controls, and password and hide preview options.

Before we get to the password option, let’s talk about how brightness and volume work. When you set a brightness and volume level for an app, each time you launch it, the device’s brightness and volume levels are changed to match your settings. When  you exit the app, these levels are not restored to their original position. What this means is that if you have a game or a music app, you can make sure that when launched, it switches to the volume and/or brightness preset.

To launch the app, tap ‘Launch App’ and to exit the settings panel as well as the app switcher, tap the close button at the top right. You can restore an app to its default settings by tapping Restore.

App Control App Control password

As for the password, enable the feature from the Use Password switch and then set a password in the respective field. Each time you access the app, a popup will appear asking for the password. If the password you enter is incorrect, the app will not launch. There will be no other indication that you provided an incorrect password.

Now for the bugs; if you enter the wrong password, the app in question doesn’t open which is understandable, however, tapping it to bring up the password popup again doesn’t work the first few times you tap it. Perhaps it’s a time delay added for some extra security but it should be a bit more obvious and come with a way to disable or customize it.

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