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Path For iOS Updated With Book/Movie Sharing & More Photo Editing Options

Love it or hate it, Path is one of those iOS apps that has been in the news ever since it was released. Everyone adored it at first, until it was discovered that the app uploads the address books of all users to its servers, and that, too, without properly asking for permission. While that issue was quickly resolved, and the CEO of Path Inc. apologized to everyone, the fan-base of the app surely took a hit. Fortunately, the app is still more popular than most of the others of its genre, and looking at Path’s latest update, we can’t help but imagine the number of its admirers increasing dramatically. While Path was initially a social network just for sharing photos and music, apart from having check-in options, it has now been revamped to include books and movies in the share list as well. This means that users can write their own reviews for things they are reading or watching, and then share those entries with their Path network! The update has also made it possible to manage notifications more thoroughly, and brings major improvements to the app’s camera.

Path Update Movies Path Update Books Path Update Movies Post

To enjoy the new Movies and Books options in Path, hit the red ‘+’ button located in the bottom left corner of the screen, and then choose the music option. While the icon for that menu has not been changed, and remains a musical note, the menu now contains the two new tabs for movies and books. It is possible to search for any book or flick by entering its title in the search box at the top of the screen, while each section also lists some featured items that are popular among Path users these days. Once you have chosen the book or movie, you can write a short review for it, and add your current location, too. Like all Path posts, the posts for movies and books can be kept private, or shared over Path, Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare.

Path Update Notifications Path Update Camera

The camera in the Path app has undergone the most changes in the recent update. In addition to all the filters that were already a part of the app, the two new buttons (Glo and Brightness) in the bottom bar of photo editing menu will let you make changes to images with a single touch. The Glo button automatically fixes lighting discrepancies in photos, and you can also add an artificial light to the image by hitting the button next to Glo. It is now possible to crop photos, using the scissors icon in the bottom bar of the photo editor. Other camera enhancements include the ability to snap photos via the volume key, and fast-switching among video and photo modes.

Path has a new For Friends tab in its Notifications menu, and you can use it to easily track notifications from individuals separately. There is now a Nudge options available in the app as well, using which you will be able to ask your friends for photos and check-ins from their location.

Even if you are not an existing Path user, we recommend that you do give the app a try now that it has been updated with all these awesome new features. The app remains free, and is optimized for iPhone only.

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