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Photo Editor: Aviary’s Standalone Image Editing App For iPhone & Android

Aviary’s photo editing plugin is the most popular of its kind among both Android and iOS app developers. Most smartphone social networks, and other apps that don’t primarily deal with image editing, turn to Aviary’s plugin to provide their users with a convenient option for making changes to their photos without having to leave the app. For quite some time now, Android users have been benefiting from the Aviary Photo Editor plugin to beautify their photos, but what can be better than a standalone Aviary app that can edit both camera and gallery images? Photo Editor by Aviary has been released for both Android and iOS, and photo editing has never been this easy. Read on to know all about this beautiful photo editing app.

Photo Editor by Aviary iPhone Gallery Photo Editor by Aviary Menu Photo Editor by Aviary Filters

Using the app is really easy, and that is why there is no start up tutorial. For the convenience of Photo Editor users, the app automatically imports all the images from your camera roll to its own gallery. You can select any image for editing by simple swiping your way to it from the main screen, or navigating to the photo by hitting the Gallery button. In case you want to edit a photo after snapping it from within the app, use the Camera. The app’s camera doesn’t offer any additional options, but makes up for it by coming up with an awesome array of editing presets in the Edit this Photo menu.

The app’s main editor is laid out in a manner that is similar to most other apps that use Aviary-powered plugins. The Enhance option can really work wonders for your photos, and the best part is that you don’t have to control a lot of complex option to enhance images. Enhance modes include Auto, Night, Backlit and Balance. The Auto option is the best choice for most images, but be sure to give the other ones a try as well. Aviary offers a decent collection of Effects and Stickers. You can boost the number of filters via in-app purchases (worth $0.99 each), but the free ones are likely to cater to most people’s needs. In addition to spicing up your photos, Photo Editor by Aviary can also be used to make some serious changes. You can change the photo’s orientation, dimensions and other aspects like brightness, saturation or contrast level.

If you don’t want to go through a lot of manual editing options, the app has features like red-eye removal and teeth whitening, which can make your photos look beautiful with a single touch. So, if you like to make a few casual changes to images before sharing them with the world, Photo Editor by Aviary is a good app to have on your device. The app’s iOS version is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch only, while both the Android and iOS apps can be downloaded for free.

Install Photo Editor by Aviary for iOS

Install Photo Editor by Aviary for Android


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